Code of Conduct

1. Overview

This code covers all members of Salle Boston Fencing Club, and where applicable, their parents and guardians. All parties are required to read and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.

Members of Salle Boston Fencing Club and their parents or guardians are also subject to the codes of conduct relating to members of British Fencing which can be read or downloaded from the British Fencing website using the following link:

2. Expectation of MembersBehaviour

We expect high standards of behaviour towards all members at all times. Be polite and courteous. You do not have to like everyone just do not be rude, politely walk away.

All members and their parents or guardians are required to respect the rights of every person, regardless of age, ethnic origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation cultural background or political affiliation.

At all times, Salle Boston Fencing Club expects its members, parents and guardians to act considerately and reasonably.

Breaches of behaviour

i. Disrespect shown to any other fencer, parent, guardian, carer, coach, visitor, referee, competition organiser or any individual or group whether within or without the club. Such disrespect includes, but is not limited to, verbal and physical behaviour.

ii. Any racist, intolerant or bullying behaviour whether physical, psychological or verbal.

iii. Any attempt including, but not limited to, verbal comments and physical gestures that will in anyway endanger the safety of any fencer, coach, parent, guardian or bring any person or persons into personal or physical conflict.

iv. The use of any drugs, alcohol or mood-altering or performance-enhancing substances whether on or off the premises of Salle Boston Fencing Club and its training venues or in competition.

v. The use of all forms of social media in a negative fashion in relation to any member of SBFC(coach, pupil or parents), any other fencing club, other fencing club member or fencing official.

Any transgression or breach of this code will lead to disciplinary procedures and may result in the expulsion of the member from SBFC without return of any fees paid.