Newham event 2

November 21st, 2023

Well done to everyone who took part on Saturday in the Newham 2 event. 

It was a very tough event yesterday with multiple national champions taking part. Again some excellent results in many age groups, particularly u12 boys with 7 in last 16 and 4 in the last 8. As is normal some disappointments; completely normal in competitive sport. This is high level for this age category. 

Particularly well done to Rapheal  and Sebastian for their silver and bronze medals. 




Nathan L8

Sean L8

Xi L16

Arthur L16


Sebastion BRONZE

Lorrin L8

Beltran L8

Maximilian L8

Aryan L16

Cedric L16

Krishan L16

Francesco L32

Mikhail L32

Ran L32

Lorenzo L32


Raphael SILVER 

Ethan L16

Vincent L16

Jacopo L32

Luke L32

Matvey L32

Maximilian FG L32


Maxime Charbonnier L8



Lily L8

Daisy L16


Emily L32

Open International D’Antony 2023 , Paris

November 21st, 2023

Congratulations to Aex Lim with a very good 41st in a very tough event in Paris.

Congratulations also to Oriane Nermond who fenced well in the poules but unfortunately lost a tight de and didn’t make it to the second day.

Well done.

Welsh Open 2023

November 21st, 2023

Congratulations to Alex Lim who finished 5th at the Welsh Open last week and to Katie Castillo-Bernaus who came 2nd in the ladies event. Many good performances over the weekend. Well done.

Veteran World Championships 2023 Florida

November 5th, 2023

Congratulations to 4 members of Salle Boston who qualified for the Veteran World Championships in Florida recently.

Kate O’Connell, Mike Medhurst, Nick Fihosy and Kola Abidogun.

Nick and Kate were the two who made it to the USA. Kate came 11th losing to the eventual winner with top GB result in that category. Nick came a very creditable 22nd in a tough event. Well done to all.